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The politics of the Leader against spam.

Spam is distribution of commercial and other advertisiment or other kinds of messages for users, who dont want to get it.

Spam is categorically prohibited.

As a rule, spam is described as massive e-mail distribution for users, who are not known to the adresser.
The exception of massive distribution are services, which provide so called clever distributions, where there is a link to the opportunity to unfollow it in every derivable letter.

We dont accept paid orders for the performance of diffrent actions, as a rule, its registration.
If you got spam, please, inform us about it on e-mail address support@21bitcoin.ru., having attached all the text or saved copy of the file of unacceptably receined letter.

Partners of Leader is forbidden to pass contact information, and also other information of users to third persons.

Site 21bitcoin.ru gives electronic system, of professional community for our users.All the users of the system belong to the corresponding professional area.

After the registration and verification of a new user on the site 21bitcoin.ru.the systemrequests e-mail, name and surnam, location and ID in GB21. All the other information about yourself is not necessary, and user cannot specify it.

All the personal information is used for the identification of user on site 21bitcoin.ru and the provision of information servise through the support and by e-mail.

The information for entrance is private and all the users.

All collected information no way not getting through third parties or organizations, except in cases provided for by international law.

At any moment user of Web-site 21bitcoin.ru can change or correct your information in a special section within your personal account.

The user can at any time to delete your account in a special section within their a personal account.

Site administration may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. If the user does not agree with the changes, he may terminate the use of this Site and delete your account.

All rights to the domain name 21bitcoin.ru, as well as all materials placed on this site, belong to team Leader.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions in respect of the Privacy Policy Site 21bitcoin.ru, please contact us by e-mail: support@21bitcoin.ru